Publicly Traded Company (OTC: CSOC)

CADUCEUS is a Wyoming based holding company focusing on the acquisition & merger of commercialized businesses.  We are dedicated to supplying quality, healthy and innovative products and solutions.

Creating Shareholder Value Through Strategic Acquisitions

As a holding company, CADUCEUS CORP’s mission is to create shareholder value through strategic acquisitions in Consumer Goods businesses. Our vision and strategy is executed by seeking our performing businesses whose value can be catalyzed by implementing the other facets of our strategy and that is through investment in human capital.

At CADUCEUS CORP, we believe that beyond a strong selection process for acquistion, talented resources and thriving human capital ultimately creates additional long term shareholder value. 

Growth Through Performance

We believe that achieving growth in the long term is done through a combination of strategic acquisitions as well as optimizing performance of underlying assets. 

Consumer Focused

Our acquisition strategy is geared towards sustainability throughout the various economical cycles. As such, we aim for recession-proof acquisition targets in the consumer goods markets.

Human Capital

At CADUCEUS CORP, we recognize the added value of talented and dedicated resources. It is our belief that Human Capital is an integral part of a sound business strategy. 

Alex Chen

Chief Executive Office & Director

Alex has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services sector. He has served as CFO for both public and private companies in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the United States, and as CEO across a wide spectrum of industries. He specializes in the Pacific Region with a focus in US IPOs, where he has significant experience. He is a CPA with a Bachelor of Commerce from Victoria University in Australia and is licensed as a US investment banker. Alex is bilingual and fluent in English and Mandarin.

Acquisition Target Profile

Our acquisition targets are companies with:

  • Revenues and assets exceeding 5M$;
  • Projected revenues of over 15M$ for 2021;
  • Expansion and scalability are key to our selection process;
  • Potential and eligibility for uplisting to NADSAQ/NYSE;
  • Recession & Market proof industries.

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